Nlly (koshien) wrote in onmyouza,

Onmyo-za's new drummer!


This is Makoto Dobashi (support drummer of Breakerz and Acid Black Cherry), he is Onmyo-za's new (support? official?) drummer.  He has been confirmed as being the drummer for the recording of their upcoming new album Kishi Bojin, and he will also be the live (support?) drummer for the band for their upcoming tour.

On a personal note - I have and will always be a massive fan of Tora/Kawatsuka Atsushi (and am looking forward to following his new band project) so I have mixed feelings about the new Tora-less album, but understand that Onmyo-za have to move on.  I'm just hoping that Dobashi-san will bring something special to the music and fit in well with Onmyo-za's unique style......and of course get a funky cool cat name too.

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