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tracklist in Romanji, anyone?

could anybody here help me translate Onmyouza's new maxi single & album tracklist into Romanji plz?

new maxi single - Aoki Dokugan

01. 蒼き独眼(あおきどくがん) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
02. 紅き群闇(あかきむらやみ) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
03. 蒼き独眼(インストゥルメンタル)
04. 紅き群闇(インストゥルメンタル )

new album - Kongou Kyuubi 

01. 獏(ばく) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
02. 蒼き独眼(あおきどくがん) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
03. 十六夜の雨(いざよいのあめ) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
04. 小袖の手(こそでのて) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
05. 孔雀忍法帖(くざくにんぽうちょう) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
06. 挽歌(ばんか) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
07. 相剋(そうこく) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
08. 慟哭(どうこく) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
09. 組曲「九尾」~玉藻前(くみきょく「きゅうび」~たまものまえ) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
10. 組曲「九尾」~照魔鏡(くみきょく「きゅうび」~しょうまきょう) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
11. 組曲「九尾」~殺生石(くみきょく「きゅうび」~せっしょうせき) 作詞/作曲:瞬火
12. 喰らいあう 作詞/作曲:瞬火

thank you

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arrr yes i know some websites ^^" thxxx.
but sometimes it can pronounce in many ways.
i wanna know the correct ones. if anyone could help.
01. aokidokugan
02. akakimurayami
03.aokidokugan instrumental
04. akakimurayami instrumental

new album - Kongou Kyuubi

01. baku
02. aokudokugan
03. izayoiame
04. kosodenode
05. kuzakuninbouchou
06. banka
07. soukoku
08. doukoku
09. kumikyoku [kyubi]~tamamonomae
10. kumikyoku [kyubi]~shoumakyou
11. kumikyoku [kyubi]~sesshouseki
12. shokuraiau
aokudokugan? The aokidokugan is the right romanization, or am I just confused here.

Oops, sorry. My mistake; it is aokidokugan.
Ha! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.......long day. Thank you for that ^__^

Re: Okay - I've Romanized it myself ^^


July 22 2009, 19:04:50 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  July 22 2009, 19:06:20 UTC


Wouldn't that be "kuzaku ninpouchou," with a p rather than a b?

(ETA: Note that my work computer doesn't have Japanese fonts installed, so I can't see what the kanji actually is; I'm just assuming based on all of their other "____ ninpouchou" tracks. Sorry if I'm mistaken.)
You're quite right. I do apologise, it looked like tenten when I was reading it, I didn't realise it was maru. Small font!
It's fine, it's an easy mistake to make.